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About 01 - 06

Competition has been part of our cultural heritage for centuries, but how we compete has constantly evolved over time. Now it’s time for the next evolution. To enhance the fascination of racing in the virtual world. That’s why we started RENNSPORT.

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Passion and courage is what it takes to start a movement.

With the passion and lifeblood of professional athletes, technicians, and partners, we want to bring cutting-edge technology from professional sports to everyone. Together, we strive to push the boundaries of tomorrow.

Approach 02 - 06


Ultra-realistic racing
on Unreal Engine 5


Professional Esports
Racing circuit


Appreciation for passion
and commitment

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For racers. From racers.


We are all in search of that special something. No matter how ambitious, how much courage it takes. Driven by our urge to play, the hunger to challenge ourselves, to beat the others. Do you share this passion?


We all have dreams. We all have convictions. In the urge to create something new, we take risks and leave our comfort zone. That requires courage. Are you also courageous?


RENNSPORT wants to harness the power of passion and courage to start a movement. A movement that aims to shape the future of virtual racing. Start your engine and become part of this movement!
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News 05 - 06
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Frequently Asked Questions

RENNSPORT was founded by motorsports and game development enthusiasts with the ambition to code the most realistic racing simulation possible. Our team consists of and is advised by professional drivers, racing strategists, programmers and Esports experts, among others. Now that we´ve laid the foundation, it´s time to make you part of the RENNSPORT project.

We will start with a Closed Beta Summer 2022 gathering feedback from the top minds of the sim racing community and aim to launch an Open Beta in Spring 2023.

The full focus of development is to code an ultra-realistic racing game for the PC. This is our first and foremost goal. A mobile app will be the connecting part of the overall RENNSPORT ecosystem.

There will be one, but registration is not open yet. The best way to stay up to date is through our newsletter and our social media channels on Instagram and Twitter.

Professional sim racing is extremely important for us. In collaboration with the ESL everything will be developed with the requirements of Esports in mind from the very beginning.

You invest your time, spend money on your hobby – and what’s yours in the end? Everything! If you wish, you can build your own legacy in RENNSPORT with individual cars, custom tracks and much more. You own your assets and will be free to trade them through the marketplace of your choice.

The companion app is like a gateway into the RENNSPORT world. It will allow you to be involved in exciting Esports content, discover tournaments and leagues, manage all your in-game assets and trade your own digital goods from wherever you want.

Together we create the future of virtual racing. JOIN OUR JOURNEY.