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Over the duration of the Closed Beta, which lasted round about a year, we have received a lot of valuable feedback from the Community. After we have put a lot of energy into implementing said feedback, we believe that it's time for the next big step - opening the doors into the RENNSPORT universe even wider. With that we are now going into the Open Beta stage of RENNSPORT, which will enable everyone to simply download the game and try it out!



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Open Beta
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Level 01 – Everyone can join the server

Nice to meet you, let‘s continue growing our great community!

Level 02 – RENNSPORT Info

Get all the relevant information about the current version of the Open Beta - such as changelogs, announcements, recommended settings and so on! Stay up to date on all the newest bits of information that the RENNSPORT team has made public.

Level 03 – RENNSPORT Community

Join the daily exchange between all Open Beta testers and share your feedback with us!

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We are very happy to enter this exciting next chapter together with you. Let's create the future of virtual racing!