200 mph in your living room

Over the last few weeks and months, we have put a lot of energy in implementing the feedback we gathered from the pro sim-racers during the RENNSPORT Summit in May and the last weeks of the Closed Alpha testing phase. With the next step in our development process, we are now aiming to release the Closed Beta build of RENNSPORT. You can register from now on for the waitlist. All things you need to know are explained on this page.

beta keys

Distribution Phases

Currently we are in the Closed Alpha stage which comes with a limited access. Download keys have been handed out to a chosen group of people which contains pro-sim racers and content creators that already attended the Summit and further experts from the professional sim racing world. By implementing their feedbacks, we want to create a high-quality product before jumping into the Closed Beta.
With the Closed Beta we extend the group of players with access to RENNSPORT with those who applied through our different pillars such as the waitlist, our Social Media channels or through other ways that we will communicate by time. Stay tuned!
The last step before RENNSPORT will be published officially is the Open Beta. In this stage the access will be open to all RENNSPORT fans and sim racing enthusiasts.

Rough Timeline

closed alpha* (invite only)
closed beta* (limited sign up)
open beta*
jul 22
*exact timings may differ
dec 23release
number of players

how our discord works

Level 01 – Everyone can join the server

Nice to meet you, let‘s build a great community!

Level 02 – Closed Beta waiting room.

You will receive a dedicated Closed Beta role on the Discord once you have signed up for the wait list. This role will give you access to exclusive insights on the status of the Closed Beta, next releases of cars and tracks and further perks.

Level 03 – Closed Beta tester lounge.

Once you have been fast or lucky enough to receive a key - process see above -, we will assign you the Closed Beta tester role. Here you can discuss your feedback with our gameplay devs, connect with other Closed Beta testers and prepare for our ingame challenges (details soon).

join the discord now!

We are very happy to enter this exciting next chapter together with you. Let's create the future of virtual racing!