It’s the holiday season racers! While most people are now taking the time to wind down and prepare for some time off with family and friends, we still have a couple of things left to do with RENNSPORT before we’re ready to touch gra… snow. Today we will go through the next patch, Beta Update 1.7, and just to look back on what happened this year. We’re also getting ready to show you the road map for 2024, but that will be early next year, so just be a little more patient. 

Alright, on to the important stuff first.

Beta Update 1.7

In normal fashion, a beta update comes with new content, improvements across the board and new features. Today we’ll have a look at some of it, but you’ll have to wait until Monday, December 18th for full patch notes. That’s right, Beta Update 1.7 comes out in just a few days!

So, what are the highlights of the update?

  • New Track: First ever community featured content with Orchard Road Street Circuit
  • Leagues 
  • New earnable livery 

Obviously enough, the track, what is this? 

We’ve teamed up with the very fine people over at Legion of Racers, known for their very cool tracks and together with them we’ve crafted the street circuit Orchard Road Street Circuit into RENNSPORT. This goes back to the conversations we started to have earlier in the year at the Summit about opening up the platform for user-created content and for us, this is a huge milestone. Our partnership with Legion of Racers is a very exciting one, so expect content to be a result of this. Please also check them out over here

The track itself is a tight street circuit with a lot of blind corners, begging for close-to-the-wall driving and lots of action. 3.2km long and part of the inaugural HyperDrive Cities Championship and now it’s the first street circuit in RENNSPORT, and we can’t wait for you to try it on December 18. 

We’re also launching our League system, starting with the Holiday Leagues. We have a full explanation of the Leagues and what you can expect in December and January here

New Earnable Livery

We know it is important to celebrate your victories. With Beta Update 1.7, we’re adding two new liveries that you can earn by participating in races. 

The first one, called the Beta Livery you simply earn by participating in one online race. The Beta Winner Livery is earned by winning an online race. You get the livery for the car you own (the one you picked when creating an account). There is no notification system in place just yet, so check your garage after a race or a win to have a look. Get in there and earn them as when the Beta is over, these liveries can’t be earned again. 

Keep an eye out for the full patch notes coming together with the update on December 18th.

Looking back at 2023

It’s been a very eventful year in our world, to say the least. 

  • Launched ESL R1
  • Did the first 8 online rounds of ESL R1
  • Held the RENNSPORT Summit 2023 + ESL R1 Spring Major in Munich
  • Launched the Closed Beta of RENNSPORT
  • RENNSPORT went to Gamers8 as the only sim racing title, on the stage with Fortnite, PUBG, DOTA 2 and more
  • Did 8 online rounds of the ESL R1 fall season
  • Launched the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland on RENNSPORT
  • Did the ESL R1 Fall Major at DreamHack Winter
  • Did 4 major updates to the beta, adding new cars, classes, tracks and features. 

Next year, our main focus will be the game. The experience. The driving. The fun. We are working very hard to add new features, more content and refinements and of course, moving from Closed to Open Beta. We’ve also stated that we would have a new car released before the end of the year, but we’re holding that one to make it a bit more special in 2024. More news on all of this will come in due time but for now, have a great holiday season and a very happy new year. Don’t forget to join the Holiday Leagues in RENNSPORT!

Be brave. Brake last.



Racers! It’s been a while since we did our last update. But today, we want to talk a bit about what is going on here at RENNSPORT. Since we launched the closed beta, we’ve been hard at work on making improvements to the core game while also working on new content. We know it’s been a while since we added anything to the game, so without further ado, here are some things that are coming in the next beta update on November 24, 2023. Note that some of this might change and that every single thing coming is not listed here, but this is what we’re aiming for. 

Introducing, RENNSPORT 1.6.0-beta

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first. 


We’ve gone through everything to tune and make the general driving experience better. Every single car has been touched and some of them are very different from what you can experience right now. For example, the Praga R1 does have significant downforce now and behaves more like a car of this type should behave. To give you a better understanding, here is Krzysztof from our development team: 


We’ve been focusing on three main topics related to physics and driving as a whole over the last few months, let’s have a look at them: 

  • The first thing we noticed is that some parameters we received from the real-life car data seemed not to work as expected when we put them into the simulation. We identified some problems which occurred during the real data-to-sim translation process. We’ve fixed many of them, so the cars you are driving after this update are more like you would expect them to be.
  • The second thing we spent our time on was improving the tire behaviour. In the past, we received a lot of complaints about them from players and R1 drivers. Now all of the tires used by cars in our game have been tweaked to give players better results in terms of feeling.
  • The third thing which we have spent some time on is adding more data to our force feedback output. The way it used to work lacked some detailed information and there was no feeling when you’re about to lose control over your car. This one is still being worked on but, we’ll be able to release it in one of the upcoming patches soon. 

It’s quite hard to explain the significance of these tweaks, but you will notice them right after the update hits on November 24th. 

Thank you, Krzysztof! So, what else is coming? There are new cars, new tracks and new features that we’ve been working hard on for the last couple of months, let’s break them down by category: 

New features

  • New stats 
  • Leaderboards
  • Rolling Starts

Some of these features are minor updates to the experience while others are new ways to interact with the game. New stats and leaderboards will be visible in your profile, some online races will now be with rolling starts. The rolling starts, like everything else in the beta, is constantly being tweaked, after the update is live we will do a focused feedback gathering on the Discord to hear your feedback.

New tracks

  • Daytona
  • Road Atlanta 

As you might have already seen in ESL R1, we’ve made it across the Atlantic to include two iconic US tracks; Daytona and Road Atlanta. Both are unique in their own ways and great additions to our growing tracklist. For this update, we’re focusing on the Road Course of Road Atlanta, with the Oval being saved for something else… 

New cars


We won’t spoil it just yet! But, a completely new car class will be introduced in RENNSPORT next week! There will be a Beta Trailer premiering during the ESL R1 Pre-Show on Friday, November 24th, with the update released shortly after the livestream. This marks the biggest update we’ve done so far, by quite a lot. To dig into everything, read up on the patch notes the day the update is live. 

What else you are asking yourself right now? Well, a couple of things.

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland

Some other exciting news! Today (actually like 20 minutes ago as of writing this) it was officially revealed that the next season of Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland will be held on RENNSPORT. There is €25,000 on the line and it is going to start very soon! We recently added the Cup car that will be used in this competition into the closed beta, and we’re stoked to have even more use for it now. In the coming week, we will share more details together with Porsche, how to register, what the format looks like and more, so stay tuned!

Discord Talking Session

Last week we held our third Discord Talking Session! Lucas, Jan and Morris got together to talk about what’s been going on at RENNSPORT for the last year (!). It was a good talk and if you have the time you should listen in. We’ve also committed to doing a talking session at least once per quarter in 2024, with the first one coming in January already, more information on that in due course.

Keys. Keys. Keys. 

There wouldn’t be much of a beta update without a massive key drop right? You might have seen on our social media accounts that on November 24, we’re dropping 15,000 brand-new closed beta keys. We will also make sure that anyone who signed up in 2022 will have a key before the end of the year. We are also getting ready to talk about the open beta… soon. 

Keep an eye on your mailbox next Friday!

ESL R1 Major at Dreamhack Sweden

The fall season is coming to an end! Next week we’ll be watching the best sim racing drivers battle it out to close this season, and also ESL R1 for the year. If you happen to be located near Jönköping in Sweden, swing by, we’ll have a couple of rigs set up where you can experience the latest beta update and have a chat with our team.


I think that’s it for now. We have another update coming in December, so expect to hear more soon. In the meantime, catch you trackside.