Introducing the Founder’s Pack

Our Founder’s Packs offer a range of exclusive content and special items designed to enhance your racing experience and celebrate your early support. Choose from three distinct tiers to get started on your journey. Here’s what each pack has to offer:

Step into the world of RENNSPORT with the Gold Founder’s Pack. This tier is perfect for those looking to kickstart their racing career with some exciting bonuses.

  • Nürburgring Nordschleife
  • 1 Car Purchase Credit
  • Golden Founder’s Pack Badge

Take your racing experience to the next level with the Platinum Founder’s Pack. This tier offers more content and exclusive items that will enhance your time on the track.

  • Porsche GT3 R rennsport with exclusive eVIN
  • Nürburgring Nordschleife
  • Platinum Livery
  • 1 Car Purchase Credit
  • Gold, and Platinum Founder’s Pack Badges
  • Your Name on a Race Track – Billboard

For the ultimate RENNSPORT experience, the Diamond Founder’s Pack offers unmatched content and exclusivity. This is the ultimate way to support our game.

  • Porsche GT3 R rennsport with exclusive eVIN
  • Nürburgring Nordschleife
  • Diamond Dynamic Livery
  • Platinum Livery
  • 2 Car Purchase Credits
  • Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Founder’s Pack Badges
  • Your Name on a Race Track – On Track


Every owned car in RENNSPORT is unique, which is shown with our digital eVIN. Real life car manufacturers mark every produced car with a unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), which (as the name suggests) helps with clearly identifying cars and allows everyone to differentiate between two identical looking cars. This VIN is used for vehicle transactions for example.
With our eVIN system, we are able to do the same – but in the digital world. It allows us to track history for all cars in RENNSPORT. So, statistics like “Races won”, “Transaction History” (For example “Previous owners” and “Date of sale/purchase”), etc. can all clearly be recorded via this eVIN.

A RENNSPORT eVIN consists of 19 characters and is structured as follows:

  • A defines the “type” of car
  • B defines the car manufacturer
  • C defines the edition, like “Production” or “Special Limited Edition”
  • D defines the car model
  • E stands for the last 2 digits of the model year (e.g. 2022 = 22)
  • F determines the “number” of the car. For each manufacturer, vehicle description and model year, this number starts at 000001, and counts up for each new instance of that car that exists in RENNSPORT.

This eVIN can already be viewed in the RENNSPORT Companion App, when looking at the car in your garage, that you selected on account creation.

Car Purchase Credit

Own the car of your dreams with our Car Purchase Credits, exclusively available in the RENNSPORT Founder’s Packs. These Credits can be redeemed in our upcoming shop, launching later in 2024.

Currently, you can not get more than 2 Car Purchase Credits in total from buying/upgrading Founder’s Packs.

Founders Liveries

Stand out on the track with our exclusive Static & Dynamic Liveries, available only through the RENNSPORT Founder’s Pack. Enhance your car’s appearance with these unique animated designs that, with the Diamond Pack, even change based on your speed on the track!
As the owner of a Platinum or Diamond Founder’s Pack, you will not only receive the respective livery for the Porsche 911 GT3 R rennsport, but also for all the GT3s that you own!

Nürburgring Nordschleife

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is well known for its challenging layout with more than 150 twisty turns, asking everything from you as a driver. Its breathtaking scenery makes it one of the most legendary destinations for car enthusiasts around the world. What a chance to have the Nordschleife being our first premium track. 

Porsche GT3 R rennsport

Experience ultimate racing performance of the Porsche 911 GT3 R rennsport, available exclusively in RENNSPORT for 2024. This derestricted GT3 car, engineered for unmatched speed and precision, is only accessible through the Founder’s Pack.


Display your early support with pride. Our Founder’s Pack Badges make your profile stand out as a pioneering member of RENNSPORT in our community, featuring a sleek design and makes you being seen as one of our early adopters forever.

Founder’s Track

The Founder’s track is our very own track for RENNSPORT – free for everyone to drive. It’s layout is based off of our logo, as you drive around the outside of the R. This track will eventually present the history of RENNSPORT, with enough space for showcases of iconic moments and big milestones, elements of your favorite influencers, as well as so much more!

Players that purchase the Platinum Pack will have their name displayed on banners placed around the track, while those that purchase the Diamond Pack will have their name additionally stamped onto the asphalt directly. This way, you will literally engrave your name into the history of RENNSPORT for everyone to see!
And if you get one of these two packs before the track releases, your name will already be on it!
We will regularly add new names to the track, so even if your name is not on it when the track first gets released, worry not, we will make sure to add you afterwards!

The Founder’s Track will be released with one of the next big updates, as the team will spend some more time focusing on the overall design over the next couple of weeks.

If you have purchased one of the packs but don’t want your name displayed, please tell us via an e-mail to and we will remove it with the next update!

How To Get Your Founder’s Pack

Purchasing a Founder’s Pack is easy. Simply open your RENNSPORT game via the Epic Games Store, select the Founder’s Pack in the main menu, and complete the checkout process with your selected tier of support. Once you’ve made your purchase, all your exclusive content will be available to you in-game right away.

Join Us On The Journey

We are glad to have you on board as we shift into high gear towards the creation of Virtual racing. With your help, RENNSPORT will not only be a game but a true community of real car racing fans. Get on our Founder’s Packs today and be part of something special that nobody else will be able to replicate.

Thank you and see you on the track!