New content

  • Added Fuji Speedway track
    • Grand Prix layout
  • Added new car: Porsche 963 
  • Added new car: BMW M Hybrid V8 

New features

  • Added Pitstop mechanics
    • In the current version pitstops are without any pit crew or animations, these will be included in a future update
  • Added multi-class race mechanics
  • Added safety car to rolling starts


  • Implemented new suspension animation system for better visual experience of car suspension workings
  • Changed DLSS preset settings to reduce problems with “ghosting” behind cars when moving fast


  • Improved rolling start logic


  • Implemented electric motor sounds logic


  • Implemented damaged parts replication and improved overall damage system


  • Implemented relative track positions table on in-game UI
  • Implemented rolling start radar
  • Implemented per-class game summary screen
  • Added tire wear to game HUD
  • Adjusted fuel remaining display to show how many laps player has left before running out of fuel
  • Added damage status to in-game HUD
  • Improved experience when binding controls in the input settings screen

New day-night system Updated

  • Road Atlanta
  • Fuji Speedway
  • More tracks getting the night time treatment in a future update. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with Fanatec wheels sometimes not being recognized correctly by the game
  • Fixed issue with first flying lap sometimes being invalidated for players for no reason
  • Fixed bug with players receiving pit speed limit penalty just after exiting pit lane
  • Fixed some crashes occurring when scrubbing replays
  • Fixed some problems with day/night system giving random light changes when joining a server
  • Fixed some problems with engine / ignition sounds
  • Fixed potential crashes occurring by incorrect drafting-related structures initialization in physics engine
  • Fixed problem with time trials sometimes giving black flag penalty when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed issue with game giving more incident points than a max value allowed in contest settings
  • Fixed issue with lap times sometimes showing last 2 fractional digits instead of first 2 instead
  • Fixed bug with players receiving DSQ when standing in pit garage at night

Known Issues

  • Using Vulkan can cause the game to crash 
  • Nvidia Reflex can cause stuttering. Recommendation is to disable it for now
  • Potential client crash related to DirectX12
  • Curb sounds can disappear after pit stops
  • Replays can crash when scrolling through longer replays
  • Time Trial delta is only shown when PB is set
  • Ghost car does not move in Time Trial Replays
  • In online races, if a car crashes at very high speeds into a wall, it can cause a mini-freeze for all connected clients
  • Getting a black flag in Time Trial will soft lock the player. You have to leave the Time Trial and go back to the Main Menu
  • Updating your profile name will not update your name in any Time Trial leaderboards unless a faster time is set with the new name
  • EV has wrong TC sound, fix in future patch