New Content

  • Nürburgring Nordschleife (24h Layout)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R rennsport
  • BMW M4 GT4
  • Audi R8 LMS GT4

New day-night system enabled tracks

  • Daytona
  • Monza

Track improvements

  • Increased foliage quality across all the existing tracks
  • Added flares for light sources placed on tracks

New Features

  • Implemented Founder’s Pack store
  • Implemented system for allowed driving assist synchronization. It can be used to equalize the settings between players in a multiplayer contest
  • Implemented Time or Laps Gameplay End Condition which allows to specify both time and laps limit for a gameplay stage. Gameplay ends after the first end condition is met.
  • Added possibility to cycle between headlights colors – Only used by Porsche 911 GT3 R rennsport for now


  • Implemented account experience system
  • Implemented player ranks system
  • Implemented friends system
  • Added possibility to change driving aids settings while in gameplay
  • Added motion blur toggle in video settings
  • Added cloud shadows toggle in video settings
  • Improved overall video quality of the game
  • Updated DLSS to version 3.7 and adjusted DLSS settings to achieve sharper image when driving
  • Updated XeSS to version 1.4
  • Optimized game’s netcode update frequency
  • Removed some unused assets from the memory to save some space
  • Tire Info in the HUD editor can now be toggled to show more detailed info for both tire & brake temperatures
  • Closed Beta Livery reward removed from the game
  • Closed Beta Winner Livery reward removed from the game


  • Reworked tires for all GT3 cars
  • Adjusted simulation parameters for all GT3 cars.


  • Implemented v1 VR support in the game
    • Add -vr to Epic Launch Options to enable


  • Upgraded Main menu’s “My Rennsport” tab visuals
  • Improved in-game tire status widget readability
  • In car menu automatic disable logic is no longer active while player is in pit lane
  • Updated in-game controller icons
  • Improved overall visuals for main menu screens
  • Updated loading screens
  • Simplified in-game car dashboard is now enabled by default


  • Implemented helicopter camera for spectators
  • Improved overall spectator system logic for smoother experience


  • Fixed issue with lap times sometimes being inconsistent across the whole race
    • Some lap times being different than race time
  • Fixed issue with scoring being messed up when players cross the finish line
  • Fixed issue with player delta being out of sync for a few seconds after player crosses S/F line
  • Fixed some cases where player progress (distance and percentage) on a lap was not updated correctly
  • Fixed problem with players disappearing from leaderboards table when they quit the game
  • Fixed issue with players receiving error message upon being disconnected from game servers which were closed gracefully
  • Fixed problem with checkpoints being triggered a little bit to early by cars
  • Fixed issue with the day-night system sometimes being out of sync for some players
  • Fixed some edge case issues occurring in pit stops system
  • Fixed some issues with dynamic in-game minimap sometimes not rotating correctly
  • Improved overall game stability

Known Issues

  • VR
    • No default settings Flickering when loading into level Some menus don’t work in VR No mouse support UI colour is offset in-game Camera position slightly offset
  • Spectator engine audio can be missing
  • Rank can still be affected if the server/client crashes
  • Automtic Headlight assist doesn’t always trigger after stage transition
  • Going back to pits on Orchard Road can trigger a pit stop
  • Using Vulkan can cause the game to crash
  • Nvidia Reflex can cause stuttering. Recommendation is to disable it for now
  • Replays can crash when scrolling through longer replays
  • Time Trial delta is only shown when personal best time is set
  • Ghost car does not move in Time Trial Replays
  • In online races, if a car crashes at very high speeds into a wall, it can cause a mini-freeze for all connected clients and possibly crash the physics engine. Restart your client if this happens.
  • Getting a black flag in Time Trial will soft lock the player. You have to leave the Time Trial and go back to the Main Menu
  • Porsche Mission R has the wrong TC sound, fix in future patch
  • Porsche Mission R has a refuel section during the pit stop even though the battery charge doesn’t increase