Hey! As we look forward to Open Beta on July 10th and Early Access later this year, we think it’s important we share our vision for monetization with RENNSPORT. Our goal is simple: we want to make the game available to everyone and offer options for those who want to take it to the next level. Ready to get in and learn more? Let’s get started:


As we plan to run RENNSPORT for many years, our intention is to provide our drivers with a fully free-to-play experience. We want to bring RENNSPORT and the thrill of racing to everyone without any upfront costs. You can get in and start racing right away without spending money.

Importantly, most tracks will be free. That said, we will introduce some premium tracks for purchase from time to time. We want everyone to experience the best racing environments, but creating top-notch tracks takes a lot of time and resources. So, by offering premium tracks, we can make sure we keep delivering the best content for you.

Cars are a similar story. All our cars are licensed and based on real life data we get from our OEM partners. You’ll still be able to get a free GT3 with your account, and we’ll have rotating free to drive cars, but we will also offer you the option to purchase cars and record your very own history on them.

Selling content might not be a brand-new concept, but it hasn’t been widely adopted in the racing game genre. We’re experimenting to see if this model can create a sustainable and healthy racing community. By offering premium content, we can invest back into the game, ensuring constant updates and fresh content for all players.

As we move from the Closed Beta phase towards our eventual 1.0 full release, we want to be as transparent as possible and give you regular updates on our progress.

Open Beta

With Open Beta launching, you’ll no longer need to sign up to the Closed Beta waitlist to get access! From July 10th on, you’ll be able to just click download in the Epic Games Store, make a RENNSPORT account and immediately jump in and play!

Founder’s Pack

As we look ahead to the future of RENNSPORT, we’re excited to introduce our first premium content: the RENNSPORT Founders Pack. Stay tuned for more details in an upcoming post, but we can promise you it includes some truly exciting and exclusive features.

Early Access

Looking towards Q4, our goal is to get the game in a shape we’re ready to move to Early Access and put RENNSPORT in the hands of drivers everywhere. 

Just before we launch Early Access, we’ll probably have a reset period where the game will go down, and we’ll be resetting everyone’s accounts, as well as moving some content that you now have available for testing into the store. Don’t worry though, if you bought the Founder’s Pack, you’ll keep it in your account once we launch Early Access. 

Truly own your very own car in RENNSPORT – eVIN

In our game, owning a car means more than just having it in your virtual garage. Each car will have its own electronic Vehicle Identification Number (eVIN). It will track mileage, record competition history and recreate the real car ownership experience in the digital world. Just to be clear, our system isn’t based on the blockchain, it’s about capturing the spirit of owning a real car. Your car’s journey, achievements and history will be unique to you and different from everyone else’s, adding a whole new layer of depth and personalization to your collection and racing history.

Vision for Modding

We’re big fans of the modding community and will fully support that natively in our game. Our long-term vision includes creating a robust modding ecosystem where talented creators can share and even make money from their work. We’re planning to set up a marketplace for outstanding mods, giving modders the opportunity to make a living from their passion. But don’t worry, we’re not ditching free modding! Both free and paid modding will co-exist.

Bringing Racing to the Masses

Our ultimate goal is to make racing accessible to absolutely everyone. By choosing a free-to-play model and offering a wide range of content through optional purchases, we’re building a vibrant and inclusive community of racing

That’s if for now. If you want see and learn more about our recent development, make sure to watch our third episode of the RENNSPORT Radio Check!