The official test phase of the RENNSPORT Alpha version kicked off

We gave up to 150 selected guests consisting of pro sim-racers, team managers, influencers and content creators an insight into the current state of development of RENNSPORT and also the exclusive chance to put the simulation through its paces for 3 days from May 27 – 29.

With ESL commentator Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett and Wil Vincent, two well-known faces of the esports scene led through the 3-day program and commentated on the competitions in their usual entertaining manner. According to our motto “community-first”, the focus was on the exchange with the guests about RENNSPORT, the esports cosmos and the future of sim racing. To create a relaxed but highly focused atmosphere and also have good time together we tried to manage a well-balanced mixture of esports competitions and discussion panels on topics such as “Digital Ownership”, “What’s needed for a state of-the-art sim?” or “Future of Sim Racing Esports”. A live DJ, bar menue and live sports such as 24h Nürburgring or the Champions League final rounded up the friendly feeling at the venue and gave enough space to casually end the days.

Our development process is lasting for 2 years now so this event served as a major milestone in our company´s history as we have been putting a lot of games publishing know-how, energy and heart and soul into the development of RENNSPORT. The feedback we gathered was truly impressive as we could surprise everyone with an advanced simulation that no one expected at this stage. The early point in time at which the first testers were allowed to play RENNSPORT is unusual compared to others in the market, but this perfectly reflects our path as we want to be community-first early on and step into the further development together with our fans and esports enthusiasts. We want to give all motorsport enthusiasts the opportunity to be part of the further development of the sim through various occasions.

The next step to proof this will be the start of the closed alpha key give away. Stay tuned on our channels to find out how to get your hand on your limited code within the next weeks and months.