Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to the competition.

One of our core visions with RENNSPORT is to create a place where competition matters. Not just for the professional esports driver, but for everyone. Our rating system and the way our splits work have been providing racers in the closed beta with fair lobbies so far, but now we want to take it one step further and let you participate in multi-contest leagues where consistency and track knowledge will be the key to success. There are also unique in-game prizes that you can win! We’ll start it off easy this year with a Holiday League now in December, and once we’re in the new year you’ll be able to prove yourself in different leagues, competing against players of similar skill to you. For now we’re only offering Official Leagues, made by us, but we’re also planning for you to be able to create league races in the future.

Let it rev, let it rev, let it rev…

Kicking off this new era of RENNSPORT competitions is the Holiday League, designed to take advantage of all the content we have in the game right now and for the first time offer multi-contest competitions with the first Holiday League winners to be crowned. Let’s break the Holiday Leagues down first, and after that, we’ll have a look at the Competitive Leagues for 2024. 

The Holiday Leagues are broken up into four different categories; 

  • Porsche GT3 Cup Holiday League
  • GT3 Masters Holiday League
  • Front Wheel Drive  Holiday League
  • Derby Holiday League

These are then split into two different timings with the first starting on December 20th and the second one starting on December 27th. 

Holiday League Schedule December 20-23

  • 19:00 FWD
  • 20:00 Porsche Cup GT3
  • 21:00 Masters of GT3
  • 22:00 Derby

Tracks: Spa-Francorchamps, Daytona International Speedway®, [REDACTED], Monza, 8ETA

Holiday League Schedule December 27-30

  • 19:00 FWD
  • 20:00 Porsche Cup GT3
  • 21:00 Masters of GT3
  • 22:00 Derby

Tracks: Nurburgring, Hockenheim, Spa-Francorchamps, Road Atlanta, 8ETA

All of these races are ranked and have damage off. You will also need a Safety Rating of +0.9 to enter. This does not apply to the Derby League which is unranked and has no Safety Rating requirement.

There will be events created on our Discord to help you be reminded of when the different races start.

Points System Explained 

To make the Holiday Leagues as fair and competitive as possible we needed to create a points system that takes into account different player’s skill levels and multiple splits. The points will be calculated based on several things which we will go through shortly. But the most important question is, how do you earn points? There are three main things to factor in:

  • Finishing position
  • Average RENNSPORT Rating in your split
  • Number of players in your split

We’re calculating the points based on the strength of field (SOF), like this:

Example 1Example 2

SOF is the average RENNSPORT Rating of the players in the split, meaning the higher the skill level of the lobby the more points you get per position. The point value will also be changed based on the number of players in each split.

The maximum points you can achieve is 10% of the SOF. Everyone else gets a percentage of those based on the finishing position.

Our calculations are done as follows: 

max_points = 0.1 * SOF (average rating of all participants in the split)

points = truncate(max_points * ((entries – position) / (entries – 1)))

What this means is that the maximum points that can be earned are 10% of the average RENNSPORT rating across all drivers in your split. Your points specifically will then be factored by the number of drivers in your split, to ensure a fair distribution of points for when drivers are racing without a complete grid. To achieve this we multiply the maximum possible points by a ratio based on your position and the number of drivers on the grid, rounded down. 

Example: SOF = 1000, P5, 12 Players

Points: 100 * ((12 – 5) / (12 – 1)) = 63

EVIN a new car

So far, you’ve been given a GT3 car that you own by simply creating a RENNSPORT account, and while all cars that are available in the closed beta can be driven by anyone, the car you own is unique to you with the EVIN number you have. It’s also the only car you can collect data on, like how long you’ve owned it and kilometres driven. This history is meant to create a bond between you and your car, as you will have it in your account permanently. And by adding more cars to your collection with a unique EVIN you create your garage history. The car you can win in the Holiday League will have a special EVIN number, indicating the car came from the first-ever RENNSPORT Holiday event, and in the future, you can always remember where you got the car by looking at the EVIN. 

So, what car can you win?

While the winner of the Porsche GT3 Cup competition will win a Porsche Cup Car, it’s a bit more complicated for the winners of the GT3 and Front Wheel Drive Leagues. We’ll reach out to the winners via email in early January to confirm what the desired prize car would be. If we don’t hear back by the end of the month, you’ll receive the car you earned the most points in from the competition. There will be no prize for the Derby League winner as this is more of a fun side activity.

…and a Competitive New Year 

Starting on January 11th, 2024, the Leagues will be in full effect. Here the goal is to let you compete against people of similar skill and therefore, you can enter leagues based on your RENNSPORT Rating and Safety Rating. The leagues we will offer at the start are planned to be the following:

Beginner League 

  • Safety Rating: 0.5+
  • No min rating, max rating: 1550
  • Class: Touring Car (GT3 if unavailable)
  • Tracks: Any/All
  • Damage: Off
  • Date/Time: Sundays @ 20:00 CET

Amateur League

  • Safety Rating: 1+
  • Min rating: 1400, Max rating: 1800
  • Class: GT3
  • Tracks: Any/All
  • Damage: Off
  • Date/Time: Saturday @ 20:00 CET

Semi-Pro League

  • Safety Rating: 1.15+
  • Min rating: 1505
  • Class: GT3
  • Tracks: Any/All
  • Damage: Off

Date/Time: Thursday @ 20:00 CET

Praga Cup

  • Safety Rating: 1.15+
  • Min rating: 1505
  • Class: Praga Only
  • Tracks: Any/All
  • Damage: Off
  • Date/Time: Sunday @ 20:00 CET

Derby League

  • Safety Rating: 0
  • No Rating Requirements:
  • Class: Any/Multi
  • Tracks: 8ETA
  • Damage: On
  • NOTE: Does not impact your safety rating
  • Date/Time: Friday @ 21:00 CET

Note that there might be changes to this structure before they’re live in the game. 

That is everything you need to know about our new leagues, for now. You’ll find a new button in the main menu, called “Leagues” after the next update, and that is where your journey begins. We hope to see you in the lobbies during the holiday season. We will keep expanding on this system in 2024 and beyond, and as always, we’re very open to your suggestions and feedback. There will be a dedicated server on our Discord called “Focused Feedback: Leagues” where you can discuss everything surrounding this directly with us. 

See ya on the track.