Hey everyone, wow, it feels good to be back in action! 

Let’s dive right into it

Beta Update 1.8.

After what felt like a long wait for updates, it’s finally time to go right into what’s coming up from RENNSPORT in 2024. It’s been a bit of an exhausting time for the team behind the scenes, but we’re excited to be back on March 27th with fresh content, features, and yes, keys!

So, what’s on the menu? Well, we’ve put together a roadmap for 2024, laying out our targets across the board. And hey, this isn’t all we’ve got planned. We’ll be adding more to it along the way, with some surprises thrown in for extra spice. Get ready, because there’s a lot to be excited for!

Now, onto the 1.8 update. As usual, we’ve got a new track, a new car, and a bunch of exciting features to RENNSPORT to step up the experience:

  • Porsche Mission R
  • Goodwood Hillclimb
  • Time Trials 
  • Night and Day Cycle
  • Lock to Horizon

Features and Content

The Porsche Mission R is a beast of a car, perfect for tackling the challenging Goodwood Hillclimb track. Whether you’re racing against yourself, your friends, or the current leaderboard leader, there’s plenty of competition to keep up on. Keep an eye out for our dev team’s lap times – see if you can beat them!

Time Trials are now available for every track, with separate leaderboards for each car. Test your skills and aim for the top spot! This mode is perfect to learn from other people and challenge their ghosts.

We’re also introducing our Day and Night cycle, starting with night races at Spa Francorchamps. It adds a whole new dimension to the game, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.


In other news, we recently launched our first RENNSPORT Radio Check Episode 01, where Morris, Kim, and Lucas discussed the 1.8 update, upcoming features, and a sneak peek at our 2024 roadmap and beyond. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out.

And Stina… don’t forget about Stina!

!! KEYS !!

And of course, we wouldn’t forget about the keys! We’re dropping A LOT of keys on patch date, with an additional 2,500 keys every Thursday from the 4th of April onwards. More keys mean more players, which means more epic racing!

That’s all for now, folks! Take care, and remember to break last!